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***Remember that orders must be placed by 1:00 on Friday - pick-up is between 5:30 and 7:30 pm***
Take-Out Dinner Menu for 
Friday & Saturday 
March 27 & 28
5:30 - 7:30 PM


BLACKBERRY & ROASTED PEAR SALAD WITH GOAT CHEESE ~ Fresh blackberries serenade this tasty combination of maple cinnamon roasted local organic pears, imported goat cheese sweetened with organic agave syrup and raw local honey, cranberries, walnuts, and topped with some of our signature maple vinaigrette ~ it is served with a side of organic apple bread with some maple butter ~ delightful!.....17

(Salad comes with soup &  garlic bread)


(Include your choice of soup or a small Italian side salad)

GRILLED MAHI MAHI OVER A FRESH CANNELLINI ITALIAN PARSLEY SALAD WITH LEMON CONFIT ~ Grilled wild-caught Mahi Mahi delicately placed over a refreshing healthy organic cannellini bean, Italian parsley, lemon confit salad with kalamata olives and a drizzle of olive oil......22

THAI COCONUT CURRY VEGETABLE STEW OVER ORGANIC BROWN JASMINE RICE (Vegan) Tri-colored peppers, organic carrots, organic fennel, organic cabbage, organic curry, organic coconut milk, raw cashews, organic broccoli  made into a wonderful Thai curry stew and then topped over some organic brown Jasmine rice........17

HONEY-ORANGE-THYME GRILLED CHICKEN BREASTS ~Tasty antibiotic-hormone-free chicken breasts marinated in fresh orange juice with raw honey and fresh thyme then grilled to perfection placed over some jasmine rice cakes and topped with my own orange-honey-Dijon sauce..........18

CHIPOLTE BURGERS WITH JALAPENO CHEDDAR & SAUTEED MUSHROOMS ON A PRETZEL BUN ~  Local ground chuck and our own chipolte mayo with jalapeno cheddar and topped with sauteed organic mushrooms and onions on a pretzel bun ~ comes with a side of our turmeric potato salad.....17

Next In-house Dinner
 You Can "Open up" our next "In-house" Dinner here at The Bistro ~ you only need 6 people to open a dinner
(See the attached "Dinner Entree's" to choose from)
Note:  Reservations must be made before 3:00 pm on Friday (the day before the dinner); when making your reservation please specify which entree you would like to order.  This will help us to keep our food costs in check and avoid wasting any food or resources.  Thank you so much for understanding.


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