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Menu for this Week
5/26 & 5 /27 
 (Now open on Tuesday's & Saturday's)

Menu for this Week

~ (Thursday) - Organic Roasted Vegetable with Black Emperors Rice
~ (Friday) - Ancient Grain & Vegetable - made with organic veggies - has a little kick - hearty & delicious!
Thursday:  Steak & Org Spinach with goat cheese and an aioli sauce - comes with a side of turmeric potato salad - $12.50;
or Gourmet Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno Havarti, Imported Swiss, Honey-Dijon-Truffle sauce, organic tomatoes, apple smoked bacon and organic spinach comes with a cup of soup and a side of turmeric potato salad.
Friday:  Grilled Chicken parmesan with my own Sicilian gravy - comes with a side Italian salad and a piece of garlic bread - $12.50
Organic Super Food Salad: 
Mango & Organic Strawberry with raw cashews & Goat Cheese sweetened with pistachios & organic agave syrup - comes with all the other super food goodies and a organic blueberry - cashew-coconut-dressing ~ comes with a side of organic Apple bread with raw honey butter - $12.50
Other Sandwiches available: 
~ Mozz, Basil, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Panini on Organic 7-Grain - comes with a side of turmeric potato salad. - $9.00

~ Chicken Waldorf on a freshly baked French Croissant comes with a side of
turmeric potato salad~ $9.00

~ Spicy Ham w/jalapeno havarti and roasted red peppers on organic 7-Grain - comes with a side of turmeric potato salad- $10.50

Organic Superfood Banana Pound Cake made with organic maca and chia seeds - $3.75


Next In-house Dinner
 You Can "Open up" our next "In-house" Dinner here at The Bistro ~ you only need 5-6 people to open a dinner
(See the attached "Dinner Entree's" to choose from)
Note:  Reservations must be made before 3:00 pm on Friday (the day before the dinner); when making your reservation please specify which entree you would like to order.  This will help us to keep our food costs in check and avoid wasting any food or resources.  Thank you so much for understanding.


Breakfast Menu - (click on the menu to open a larger menu in another window)