The Essential Café & Bistro - Wholesome, natural, & organic homemade foods

NOTE: We will need to be closed this Thursday, 1/13/17 we will be OPEN on Friday, 1/14/17.
Our set hours will be:
Tuesday -11:00 5:30
Thursday - 11:00 - 3:30
Friday - 11:00 - 5:30
Essential Lunch Menu 

~ Add an organic mixed greens side Italian salad with my own Italian vinaigrette for $3.50 w/sandwich; $4.50 on its own.

~ Add a cup of soup to any meal for an additional $3.50Soups: 

~ Ask what the soup of the day is... Cup of soup - $4.50; bowl of soup - $7.50 comes with a piece of garlic bread. 32 oz jar of soup - $15.00

Weekly Specials ~ 

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday's ~ Your choice of two tacos topped with freshly made pico-de-gallo ~ Mahi-Mahi, grilled chicken, or organic black bean - comes with some Mexican rice - $8.50

Thursday: Home-style Thursday's ~ Meatloaf made with local ground chuck, fresh herbs and imported cheese, topped with my home-made beef gravy; Or baked antibiotic/hormone free lemon/herb chicken topped with my home-made chicken gravy. Both items come with garlic mashed potatoes. ~ $9.00

Friday: Pulled Pork loin sandwich - Local antibiotic/hormone-free Pork Butt topped with my own organic smoked seasonings then slowly roasted until falling apart and hand pulled your choice of my own honey-dijon-truffle sauce  or organic BBQ sauce on a fresh bakery bun from Elkhorn Bakery - comes with our turmeric potato salad ~ $8.50

Other items available: 
~ Organic Super Food Salad: ~ Fresh Fruit (ask what the fruit is for this week) with raw cashews & Goat Cheese sweetened with pistachios & organic agave syrup - comes with all the other super food goodies and an organic - home-made coconut-dressing ~ comes with a side of freshly baked bread with raw honey butter - $12.50

~ Gourmet grilled cheese combo - made with jalapeno havarti, imported Swiss, my own raw honey-Dijon-truffle sauce, organic tomato, organic watercress and bacon all melded together on a baguette - comes with a cup of soup and a side of our turmeric potato salad - $12.50

~ Chicken Waldorf on a freshly baked French Croissant comes with a side of turmeric potato salad~ $9.50

~ Spicy Ham w/jalapeno havarti and roasted red peppers on organic WI Wheat Sour Dough- - comes with a side of turmeric potato salad- $10.50

~ Organic Veggie/garlic humus wrap ~ Organic shaved carrots, cucumbers, organic spinach, with organic mixed greens and organic garlic hummus on a spinach wrap comes with a side of our turmeric potato salad - $8.50

~ Organic Pound Cake (ask what the featured pound cake is for this week) $3.75/slice
~ Organic banana foster bread pudding with my own caramel brandy sauce and fresh whipped cream - $7.50

Take a look at our 
"Walworth County Healthy Eating Initiative"

Cozy & comfortable outdoor seating and tables

Upscale, clean, friendly environment

Community Soup Kitchen
 Tuesday & Friday from 3:30 - 5:30
(Free Soup to those in need)

Spring Hours of Operation: 
Monday:  Closed (unless you see the flag)
Tuesday:  11:00 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday: Closed (unless you see the flag)
Thursday:  8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Friday:  8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday:  Reserved for Special Events or Catering
Sunday:  CLOSED
(262) 723-1500

(Family Owned & Operated)
Owners: Joanne Benkowski & Son, Nathanael Benkowski